“Mozaik was awesome, spellbinding, very well-rehearsed, musically tight and professional…a first-rate act featuring beautiful voices, close haunting harmonies, rich variety and high energy.”

~Mary Ellen Donald, Nationally acclaimed author, instructor, performer, Middle Eastern Percussionist, Producer of Middle Eastern Treasure Concert.

“….moving heavenly womanly voices with fluid harmony.”

~Nabila Mango, ASWAT Director, Zawaya Executive Director. www.zawaya.org

“I love the Mozaik vocal ensemble! These women get to a spicy, tribal place of depth and power and beauty with their singing - nothing schlocky or corny. This is guaranteed quality - bang for the buck and sauce for the soul. Make the effort to go hear them. Thank me!”

~Jessica Rice - Singer, Songwriter, Solar Enthusiast - Oakland, CA

“The performance by Mozaik at the Willard Monthly Salon was amazing. It opened my mind to a whole new venue of music that I had not appreciated in the past. The program and music was engaging and at the end all I wanted was more. All the Willardians present shared my sentiments.”

~ Joe Halperin, Willard Salon, Berkeley

“I’m so glad you were there, and what a treat to hear Mozaik sing! You ladies were the hit of the party WOW!!

~Janine Ryle, Private party host